Google Pixel Tablet: new specifications surfaced

The Google Pixel tablet was first teased last year with the Pixel 7 series. The actual debut is yet to come.
Google Pixel Tablet

The Google Pixel tablet was first teased by Google during the unveiling of the Pixel 7 series last year. The actual debut is yet to come. The company only confirmed that the device will see the light of day sometime this year. Instead, Google’s first tablet has now appeared both at the certification authority FCC and in the UL Solutions database, which brought a few more details to light. The FCC listing mentions Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and UWB, of which only UWB is a truly new feature.

The listing by UL Solutions, on the other hand, speaks of 18 watts of charging speed for the Google Pixel tablet and indicates that there will be a docking station for it. According to the entry, the dock also manages 30 watts, but that doesn’t mean that the tablet also uses more than 18 watts.

This is consistent with previous speculation that there might be a dock that doubles as a speaker. This essentially turns the Pixel tablet into a smart display. The new certifications suggest that Google will be unveiling the Pixel Tablet fairly soon. The date is most likely at this year’s Google I/O developer conference, which takes place in May.


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