Google Pixel Fold: Bigger battery than Galaxy Z Fold4

Apparently, the Google Pixel Fold will be heavier than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, which is likely to become the foldable's main competitor.
Google Pixel Fold

Google’s first foldable smartphone has been haunting the rumor mill for over a year now. According to the latest leaks, it will finally be presented this year, at Google I/O. CAD-based renderings have already shown the potential design, and also the first benchmarks have emerged. Now a new report addresses the weight of the Google Pixel Fold.

Apparently, the Pixel Fold will be heavier than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 (review), which is likely to be the main competitor of Google’s first foldable. In fact, that could be good news. Because the higher weight is said to be due, among other things, to a larger battery than the Fold4. How much larger is not revealed for now. According to the report, “battery size will be closer to, but still well below, 5,000 mAh”. The Z Fold4 has 4,400 mAh and the Oppo Find N2 has 4,520 mAh. Accordingly, you can expect a battery capacity of around 4,700-4,800 mAh.

Google Pixel Fold heavier than Galaxy Z Fold4

When it comes to weight, foldables still have a weak point. The Galaxy Z Fold4 weighs 263g, which even the biggest current flagships like the Galaxy S23 Ultra (234g) or the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max (240g) don’t reach. Appropriately, the source of today’s rumor also says that the Google Pixel Fold should be imagined as a small tablet in terms of weight. That doesn’t sound very appealing when you consider that the size will be well under a tablet.

The image above shows the alleged size of the Pixel Fold (Red) compared to the Find N2 (Green) and Galaxy Z Fold4 (Blue). Like the Find N2, the aspect ratio of the unfolded Pixel Fold is landscape, rather than portrait like the Z Fold4. According to a leaked Google Pixel roadmap, the Pixel Fold will make its debut at the Google I/O developer conference. The I/O usually takes place in mid-May.


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