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Google Pixel 8 series gets major Google Camera app update

First screenshots of the design of the new Google Camera app are here, which is expected to debut with the upcoming Pixel 8 series.
Google Pixel 8 Camera app

An Android Authority source has shared screenshots of the design of the new Google Camera app, which is expected to debut with the upcoming Pixel 8 series in the fall. The last major design update was in 2019, so there will be quite a few changes in the new version.

The first thing you notice is the clear separation between photo and video mode. A special button at the bottom of the Google Camera app lets you choose whether to take a photo or record a video. Only then do you select the appropriate mode from the carousel. Previously, all modes were mixed in the Rolodex.

The button to toggle between the front and rear cameras on the Google Pixel 8 has swapped places with the gallery shortcut. This arrangement is already known from most other Android camera apps from various manufacturers.

The additional settings menu appears when you swipe up from the bottom edge of the viewfinder. However, it doesn’t seem to be within thumb reach when using the larger Pro model. Finally, Google changed the order of some camera modes in the Google Camera app and regrouped others. Perhaps Google wants to encourage Pixel 8 users to make more use of modes like Long Exposure and Action Pan.

Additionally, Google is working on a new feature called Staggered HDR for the Camera app. This is to minimize artifacts by shortening the time between each image. With the Adaptive Torch function, the software can dynamically adjust the flash intensity depending on the lighting environment. And then there’s the Segmentation AWB feature, which applies different processing to different areas of the image to create a more realistic overall image.


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