Google Pixel 8 Pro survives drop and scratch tests

The Google Pixel 8 Pro was officially unveiled last week and, after a teardown, now had to undergo a durability test.
Google Pixel 8 Pro test

The Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro were officially launched last week. Since then, the new Google phones have already had to undergo a teardown, which resulted in a good repairability rating of 7/10 points. The same YouTube channel PBKreviews has now followed up with a drop and scratch test. Spoiler alert: Things went just as well.

First, the Google Pixel 8 Pro has to withstand several drop tests from hip and head height onto the front and back as well as the frame. When dropped from waist height, there are some minor scratches on the flat display, while the back is practically not damaged. A drop test from head height shows a similar picture, just like when falling onto the frame. The only really critical damage was to one corner of the display. However, the Pixel phone continued to work without any problems. PBKreviews also carried out the same tests with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The curved display broke on the first try.

Additionally, the Google Pixel 8 Pro is enclosed in a bag of sand and shaken a few times. Here too, there was hardly any damage, apart from a small dot in the middle of the display. The back, however, survives the sand treatment with practically no visible marks, just like the frame of the Pixel phone.

These drop tests may not be scientific or standardized in any way. But they give a good idea of the durability you can expect from different manufacturers and designs. Finally, PBKreviews mentions that, according to their tests, the Google Pixel 8 Pro is more durable than the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, but lasts less than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The significantly more stable Kunlun Glass 2 of the Huawei Mate 60 Pro is in a different league, though.


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