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Google Pixel 8 Pro: New video shows the Audio Magic Eraser

Two years ago, Google introduced the Magic Eraser with the Pixel 6 und Pixel 6 Pro, which can remove subjects from the background of photos. A new video on X / Twitter now shows a new feature of the tool, which could debut with the Google Pixel 8 Pro. Accordingly, you can now also erase unwanted noises – the Google Audio Magic Eraser is here.

The short clip suggests that the Google Pixel 8 series Audio Magic Eraser will be part of the Google Photos app, like the regular Magic Eraser. It removes various types of background noise from videos including “Noise”, “People” and “Music”. The editor also has a slider that you can use to choose how much you want to filter out the background noise. The video also shows the Google Pixel 8 Pro in a new blue colorway.

The Magic Eraser was initially only available for selected Google Pixel smartphones. A few months ago, Google updated it to all Pixel devices. In addition, the practical tool is now also available for other Android phones and iPhones via the Google Photos app. In these cases, however, a paid Google One subscription is required.

The Audio Magic Eraser will initially only come exclusively to the Google Pixel 8 series. Whether it later reaches other pixel and non-pixel devices remains to be seen.


Achim Maier
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