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Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro: prices, storage and color options

A new report on the Google Pixel 8 series has just arrived, revealing the European storage options and their respective prices. We also get the color options. The bad news, however, is that according to the leak, the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro will be more expensive than their predecessors.

The price increase is of course quite significant if the source is trustworthy. According to this, the Google Pixel 8 with 128 GB of memory costs 874 euros including 23% VAT, while the 256 GB variant costs up to 949 euros. 23% would correspond to the VAT rate in Ireland, Poland and Portugal. The Google Pixel 7 cost 650 euros when it was launched. According to the leak, the Pixel 8 Pro with 128 GB of memory is 1,235 euros. The 256 GB version is priced at 1,309 euros and the 512 GB model reaches a whopping 1,461 euros. For reference, the Pixel 7 Pro started at $900.

However, these price increases sound far too high, so you should treat the rumor with caution. The information on the color options, on the other hand, seems trustworthy. The smaller Pixel will launch in Hazel, Obsidian, Rose, and Mint colors, while the Pro model will come in Bay, Obsidian, Porcelain, and Mint to choose from.

In addition, there are currently rumors that the Google Pixel 8 series will also shoot Night Sight videos in addition to Night Sight photos. This fits with Google’s focus on software features and the also new Audio Magic Eraser. However, rumors that the new Pixel smartphones will only have eSIMs should turn out false.

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Thomas Dietrich
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