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Google Pixel 10 series: Tensor G5 chipset comes from TSMC

The Tensor G4 chip could be Samsung's last Tensor. The upcoming Tensor G5 in the Google Pixel 10 is said to come from TSMC instead.
Google Pixel 8 Pro test

All previous Tensor chipsets and the upcoming Tensor G4 are based on Exynos chips and were manufactured by Samsung. But Google has also continued to work diligently on an in-house design and will reportedly move away from Samsung’s foundries. A trading log provides the first evidence that the Tensor G5 will be manufactured by TSMC instead. If all goes well, the G5 will be used in the Google Pixel 10 series in late 2025.

The information was discovered by Android Authority, who also created the graphic above to explain the abbreviations. It comes from shipping details of G5 chipsets that TSMC produced for testing purposes. A0 is the first step – testing for problems, not what components will still be included in the finished processors. It will take at least a year to get to that point. The second graphic at the top right also features the name Tessolve. The company describes itself as an “end-to-end solution provider, from chip design, test, & PCB engineering”.

Google hasn’t completely moved away from Samsung though – the 16GB RAM comes from Samsung Electronics Corporation. The Pixel 9 series is said to be the first generation to have a 16GB RAM option. The Pixel 8 series and earlier models came with 12GB. Why is the chipset so closely tied to the RAM? That’s because of “InFO_PoP”, which stands for Integrated Fan-Out Package on Package. This is a TSMC technology for grafting the RAM onto the chipset. InFO_PoP makes for a thinner package (1.16mm in this case) and also has improved electrical and thermal properties.

The Tensor G4, which will launch later this year, promises better thermal management and power efficiency than the G3. Whether or not this works out, the G5 is a major redesign, so the G4’s performance may have very little impact on what we can expect from the G5.


Stefan Andres
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