Google Photos supports Ultra HDR in Android 14

Back in May, Google introduced the Ultra HDR format with Android 14 Beta 2, which supports 10-bit HDR images and JPEG images.
Android 14 Beta 2

Back in May, Google introduced a new Ultra HDR format with Android 14 Beta 2, which should support 10-bit HDR images that will be fully compatible with normal JPEG images. It’s basically two images in one – on non-HDR screens, the system displays SDR images. If an HDR-capable display is detected, the device shows the HDR version with the full colors and contrasts.

Obviously, the first app to support Google’s new Ultra HDR format is Google Photos. At least that’s what tipster AssembleDebug says, who found some strings in version that indicate Ultra HDR support. Other third-party apps can also use the function, but only from Android 14.

Ultra HDR takes advantage of modern cameras and displays and shows photos with excellent image quality. At the same time, the JPEG format is retained for maximum compatibility. So you can send pictures via a Google Photos link, which the recipient can also view on a normal SDR display.

Google celebrates 25th birthday with deals

Google was founded on September 4th, 1998 – tomorrow 25 years ago. On September 12 this year, the company is celebrating its birthday with several smartphone deals in its European online shops. The corresponding page for the campaign is already active in almost all European countries.

Unfortunately, the products are still under embargo. However, Google already celebrated the anniversary last month in Japan. The Japanese got a 25% discount on the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, Pixel Buds A, Pixel Buds Pro, Pixel Watch, Nest Hub 2nd Gen, Chromecast 4K and Nest Wi-Fi Routers and the Nest Cam. In Europe, Google is likely to offer similar discounts to make room for the October 4 launch of the Pixel 8 series and Pixel Watch 2.

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