Google Nearby Share for Windows leaves beta status

Google's version of Apple's AirDrop, Nearby Share, is now officially out of beta for Windows devices too with the first stable version..
Android Nearby Share Windows

Google’s version of Apple’s AirDrop, Nearby Share, is now officially out of beta for Windows devices too. After some tests, in which more than 1.7 million people took part, the Californians have released a first stable version. The software can already be downloaded from the download link below.

Nearby Share already pretty much describes what it’s about. You can use it to quickly and easily share content between any Android phone running the feature. The manufacturer doesn’t matter. From now on you can also use it to share files between Windows PCs and Android devices.

According to Google, more than 50 million files have already been transferred between PCs and Android devices since the launch of the Nearby Share for Windows beta. With the stable version you now also get an estimate of how long the transfer will take. In addition, a picture preview function is also available within the device notifications. This is to ensure that the user can confirm that the correct file is being shared.

Next, Google wants to make Nearby Share for Windows better known and ideally establish it as the standard for Windows devices similar to AirDrop in the Apple universe. First of all, a cooperation with HP is planned in order to pre-install the Nearby Share app on “selected Windows PCs such as the Dragonfly Pro”.

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