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Google Maps: New update brings revised lists

Google Maps has added new features to support travel planning, including lists from top websites and the Maps community.
Google Maps update

Google Maps is getting new features to support travel planning. It’s now easier to find helpful lists from top websites and the Maps community. The launch is with “select cities” in the USA and Canada. When you search for one of these cities in Maps, you can swipe up to see curated lists of recommendations “from people who know the city well,” as Google calls it. There will also be lists of “websites you love.” These include restaurants curated by The Infatuation and Lonely Planet’s travel guides. The New York Times’ 36-hour itineraries and OpenTable’s guides to the best new restaurants are also included.

There will also be new restaurant lists. Google Maps creates them based on “places people are currently interested in or like on Maps.” These locations are launching in more than 40 cities across the U.S. and Canada this week. The trending list is updated weekly with locations that have recently gained popularity on Maps. The top list shows places that people visit again and again. The Gems List aims to unearth “a neighborhood’s best-kept secret.” These include, for example, popular restaurants that have just appeared on Google’s radar.

You can also now rearrange list items in Maps as you wish. You can even create rankings and link to content from your social media accounts to show why a place deserves its place. This will be available in Maps worldwide before the end of this month.

Of course, no one can do without AI these days. Google Maps uses AI to identify key insights from the Maps community to get a “good feel” for a place and environment. When you look at a restaurant and scroll through photos of food, the AI can recognize names, prices and popularity of dishes. The software can also indicate whether the dish is vegetarian or vegan.

In addition, Maps also gets a new design with a cleaner home screen with fewer tabs. There are also new pin colors designed to make finding locations on the map easier.



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