Google Maps: AI brings better navigation for electric cars

Google Maps has received a major AI update. Among other things, navigating to charging stations for electric cars is now easier.
Google Maps AI KI EV

Google Maps for Android and Android Auto have received an important update that offers great added value, especially for drivers of electric vehicles. The new functions enable better navigation to charging stations for electric vehicles and thus ensure more security when planning long trips.

Using AI, Google Maps provides more accurate directions for finding electric vehicle charging stations. An AI algorithm records users’ comments, which contain information about the exact location of the charging station and directions. This should help, for example, to find the location of charging stations in multi-story parking garages. The description may also contain additional information such as waiting times, supported connector types, etc.

When you’re on the move, Google Maps will also be able to suggest nearby ev charging stations in one of the next updates. This includes the appropriate charging plug and the respective charging speed.

Google Maps can also plan longer trips with multiple stops. Ev charging points are suggested in real time based on vehicle battery level, charger speed and charging slot availability.



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