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Google is testing digital ID cards in the Android wallet

A new report from The Verge has confirmed that Google is currently beta testing support for digital ID cards in the Google Wallet app. The Apple Wallet already supports adding ID cards from three American states – Maryland, Colorado and Arizona.

A tipster sent screenshots to The Verge and explained the process of adding a new ID card to the wallet. First you scan the front of the ID card, then the back, then you take a short video of your face and then you submit it to the state for approval. In the tipster’s case, with success after installing the latest Google Play Services beta update.

As far as the right devices are concerned, there have been success stories for newer Google Pixel phones and a single case with a Samsung Galaxy S20. In the future, digital IDs in Google Wallets on Android phones will be supported much more widely. In addition to the latest Google Play Services, you will also need a smartphone with at least Android 8.0. You can read the current status on the updated Google support page.


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