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Google extends software support for Chromebooks to 10 years

Today Google announced a new 10-year software support for Chromebooks. Google also wants to make their notebooks even more sustainable and at the same time reduce costs even further. With 10 years of software support, every Chromebook released after 2021 will receive free monthly updates. Devices manufactured before 2021 still have the chance of extended software support.

Extended support applies as long as users and IT administrators extend automatic updates to 10 years after receiving the last update. However, these extensions do not ensure that all new features will work on older Chromebooks. Google says it works closely with vendor partners to deliver long-term software support. This ensures that the software is further compatible with all hardware such as Wi-Fi modems, CPUs, etc.

Google is also working to ensure easy and timely repairs. Because Chromebooks are so popular in education, many schools are using them and rely on in-house repairs. In fact, about 80% of US schools offer some in-house repairs. Chromebook parts are easy to find through the Chromebook Repair Program and no physical USB drive is required for repair. This reduces time outside of the classroom.

In the coming months, Google will push updates aimed at improving the energy efficiency of devices. Features are implemented that extend battery life and turn off energy-intensive processes.


Mats Hellqvist
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