Google Bard launches in Europe in over 40 languages

Google Bard is now available throughout Europe, in Brazil and in a total of more than 40 languages and in over 230 countries.
Google Bard

Google’s initial launch of Bard, its own AI chatbot built on large language models, felt more like an impromptu response to all the media coverage ChatGPT was getting. The right stage for the start was quickly found with Google’s annual developer conference in May, the I/O. The first updates came over the last few months and Bard is now also available in Google Docs, can speak and provides pictures for his answers. Now comes the next step – the July update is here, suggesting that there will be monthly updates from now on.

In addition, Google’s Bard AI is now available throughout Europe and in Brazil. In total the chatbot now speaks more than 40 languages. The AI chatbot is also now available in over 230 countries and territories worldwide. The full list can be found here, as well as the 40+ languages in which to converse with Bard.

As for the new features, you can now listen to the voice responses provided by Google Bard and customize them with just a few taps. There are five different tone and style options available: simple, long, short, professional and casual. However, this function is currently only available in English, but will soon be expanded to other languages.

You can also pin and rename conversations, export Python code to Replit, and combine your questions with images. However, these features are only available in English so far. Shareable links also makes it easier to share part or all of the conversation to use Google Bard with other users.


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