Galaxy Z Flip5: Cover display can run Google Maps

The biggest update of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 will be the larger cover display. The biggest update of the Galaxy Z Fold5 might be its price.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

The most important upgrade of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 over the Galaxy Z Flip4 will be the larger cover display. Going from the rather small 1.9 inches (512 x 260 pixels) to 3.4 inches (720 x 748 pixels), the new Flip can also display apps on the outer display, not just simple widgets.

Samsung has reportedly worked with Google to also include apps like Google Maps. The news is not entirely new and first surfaced as a rumor a week ago. However, it is still unclear how many Maps functions a closed Galaxy Z Flip5 can display. It could be the entire app, like on the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra, or a stripped down version.

However, the Razr had problems with the maps interface because the two cameras had to be integrated. Samsung is facing the same problems with the Galaxy Z Flip5 and its cover display. In any case, other Google apps could also be added, including Messages and YouTube. And of course also various One UI apps, possibly already from the next version 6.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5 prices

There are also new rumors about the prices of the upcoming Samsung foldables. Accordingly, the Galaxy Z Flip5 price “will be maintained at the same level as its predecessor.”. As with the Galaxy Z Flip4, we would expect an RRP of 1,000 US dollars / 1,099 euros. Interestingly, according to the tip, the price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 should even fall slightly. However, the tipster did not reveal how much the prices could fall. Also, the discount could only apply to the US market.

When the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 was launched, it was priced at $1,800/€1,800. Google will soon be asking the same price for its first foldable, the Google Pixel Fold. The Fold5 is rumored to have much of the same hardware as the last generation, except for a new hinge and an updated chipset. Therefore, the pricing strategy could be Samsung’s attempt to defend its previous supremacy in the foldable market against the Pixel Fold.

Samsung has not yet announced an official date for its Unpacked event. According to reports, it should take place on July 26th.

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