Fortnite returns to the Apple iPhone and iPad in Europe

Fortnite on iOS without a cloud gaming service - Epic Games Store returns to iPhone and iPad thanks to Apple's new EU App Store policy.
Samsung Galaxy S23 Fortnite

Epic Games plans to bring its Epic Games Store back to the iPhone and iPad. The change comes as part of Apple’s new alternative App Store policy in the European Union. The Epic Games Store will also feature the popular game Fortnite. This will allow Apple users to install and play the title without having to use a cloud gaming service. Fortnite has been banned from the iOS App Store for the past few years due to the legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games.

While Epic is planning an Epic Games App Store for iOS, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has criticized Apple’s planned changes. Sweeney said Apple’s App Store changes were a “sneaky new instance of malicious compliance” and aimed at thwarting the Digital Markets Act.

Apple charges a fee of 0.50 euros per user per year for app installations outside of the App Store. In the App Store, the fee is due for developers who opt for the new conditions and want to continue using Apple’s system. However, there are no App Store commissions or in-app fees. While Apple is waiving fees for the first million installs, app developers like Epic Games will pay Apple a significant amount of money through the 0.50 per user fee. Sweeney described Apple’s demands as “junk fees”:

Sweeney also criticizes Apple for the notarization process, which could allow the company to block alternative app stores. He claims that Apple could stop Epic from opening an Epic Games Store and selling Fortnite through it. So far there are no signs that Apple is pursuing such plans.

Epic Games is “determined” to launch on iOS and compete with the App Store, according to Sweeney. And while Epic Games is planning a store on iOS, the company says it will continue to “argue to the courts and regulators that Apple is breaking the law.”

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