Five more Nokia phones get Android 13

Nokia has confirmed which devices will be the first to receive Android 13: the Nokia X20 and X10, the XR20, the G50 and the Nokia G11 Plus.
Nokia X10 4gb 128gb snow

Nokia recently announced that it has completed the migration to Android 12. If a Nokia smartphone did not yet receive the Google operating system from last year, nothing will come in the future either. The announcement was followed by the next message in terms of operating systems: Nokia has officially confirmed which devices will get Android 13 first. There are five devices in the list: the Nokia X20 and X10, the XR20, the G50, and the Nokia G11 Plus. All cell phones that are more on the cheap side of life.

Nokia XR20 / Nokia G11 Plus

Three new smartphones that Nokia unveiled at IFA 2022 in Berlin back in September are not on the list – the C31, the G60 5G and the X30 5G. That’s because the last two models aren’t available in China yet. However, the company has already confirmed its update plans and Android 13 is definitely coming.

The other five Nokia phones confirmed today meet the Android Enterprise Recommended requirements for corporate customers. These include automated updates, rapid Android security updates (within 90 days of Google’s release), physical availability of enough units, and a “consistent application experience”.



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