Facebook Messenger update: HD photos, shared albums, and larger files

Facebook Messenger is getting a number of new features. Including HD photos and the ability to send larger files.
Facebook Messenger Update

Meta today announced that Facebook Messenger is getting a number of new features. First of all, you can now send HD photos in Messenger. To do this, simply select an image to send, then activate the HD switch and click send. HD Photos have just been enabled in WhatsApp, which is also part of Meta. HD photos via Facebook Messenger show an HD tag in the top right corner.

In addition, you can now create shared albums with friends and family with photos and videos in Facebook Messenger. To do this, select several photos in a group chat and then tap Create Album. Alternatively, you can long-press on a photo in the chat and then tap Create Album. To add photos and videos to an existing album, tap Add to Album. Of course, you can also rename albums if necessary.

Anyone in a group chat can view, add, delete, and download all images and videos in a shared album. To go to a chat’s shared albums, tap the group chat name, then tap Media. This will be rolling out to Facebook Messenger in the coming weeks.

From now on you can also add people to Messenger using a QR code. Everyone gets one that you can scan to add someone or share via link.

Finally, Facebook has increased the size limit for files in Messenger – files of up to 100 MB are now possible. All major formats are supported including Word, PDF, Excel and ZIP. The feature was long overdue, even if 100 MB is still pretty small in today’s times.



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