Facebook builds $2,000 Meta Quest Pro 2 headset with LG

According to a new tip, Facebook has partnered with LG to develop a vastly improved Meta Quest Pro 2 headset.
Meta Quest Pro

The fate of the Meta Quest Pro headset is currently unclear. Even if it’s not discontinued, as some hasty reports have claimed, it’s arguably no match for the Apple Vision Pro headset technically. According to a new tip from South Korea, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg has now apparently partnered with LG to develop a significantly improved Meta Quest Pro 2. First, Meta signed a deal with LG Display for OLED microdisplays. However, this deal was later expanded to include other components too – batteries from LG Energy and other components from LG Innotek.

The Meta Quest Pro 2 will reportedly launch in 2025, priced at $2,000. The Quest Pro originally cost $1,500 but later dropped to $1,000. Both prices are well below the $3,500 price tag for the Apple Vision Pro, which is expected to launch next year. Therefore, the two headsets are not really direct competitors.

So far, there’s no word on what improvements and upgrades the Meta Quest Pro 2 will bring. At least the new OLED microdisplays should have a significantly higher resolution. So far it is 1,800 x 1,920 pixels per eye on the Quest Pro with a field of view of 106 degrees. This corresponds to a total of about 7 million pixels. For comparison, the Apple Vision Pro headset manages a total of 23 million pixels. Meta has been fairly transparent and open with its VR technology so far. Therefore, the first insights into the next pro headset should come soon.

At the lower end of the scale is the Meta Quest 3, which will be available this fall for $500. But Facebook is also building a cheaper headset for under $200 for 2024. That would be even cheaper than the current $300 for the outgoing Quest 2.



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