Epic Games Store launches this year on iOS and Android

Epic is pushing forward its Epic Games Store for iOS and Android with fair conditions for developers and a revenue share of 88%.
Samsung Galaxy S23 Fortnite

Epic has confirmed that its Games Store will be available on both iOS and Android later this year. This is the same Epic Games Store that sells games on Windows as an alternative to Steam. Epic says its Games Store will offer all developers the same fair conditions on a true multiplatform store.

This means that developers get to keep 88% of their revenue and Epic takes 12%. In comparison, Google makes significantly more revenue. Companies have to pay 15% to the search engine giant up to a sum of one million US dollars. After that, the threshold rises to no less than a whopping 30%.

But that’s not enough. Epic also says developers can keep 100% of their revenue when they use their own payments for in-app purchases. We don’t know what the store will look like on Android and what games will be available aside from Fortnite, which is currently distributed through the Epic Games Launcher.

When it comes to iOS, a lot is currently unclear. Most recently, Apple closed Epic’s developer account, only to reactivate it two days later after official pressure from an EU order. But one thing is clear – Epic has no intention of giving up the possibility of its own Epic Games Store on iOS.

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