Durability test: Will the Google Pixel 8 Pro last 7 years?

Google offers a 7-year guarantee on its new top models, such as the Google Pixel 8 Pro - do the cell phones actually last that long?
Google Pixel 8 Pro test

At the beginning of the week there was a video of a drop and scratch test of Google’s latest flagship, the Pixel 8 Pro. Today is the next episode of “Things not to do to your phone” – the famous durability test from Zack from the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. Google gives a 7-year guarantee on its new top models – do the cell phones actually last that long?

As is usual with Zack’s videos, there is first a display scratch test on the Google phone with the usual results. The Google Pixel 8 Pro scratches from level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale with deeper grooves from level 7. On the one hand, this has been the typical behavior of flagship smartphones for years. On the other hand, the latest Pixel is also guarded by the latest Gorilla Glass Victus 2. So shouldn’t the results slowly get better?

The metal frame of the Pixel 8 Pro is then subjected to a scratch test. It turns out that it is actually made of metal – no surprise either. The display will suffer a permanent burn mark after being exposed to an open flame for approximately 17 seconds.

Finally comes the bend test. Surprisingly, the Google Pixel 8 Pro remains almost completely unaffected and only bends a few millimeters. Apart from a slight squeaking noise, there is no reaction at all, let alone permanent damage. The predecessor Pixel 7 Pro didn’t break in the test either, but it was significantly more flexible, especially directly under the camera visor. In this respect, the new model has become much more stable.


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