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Caviar introduces gold Apple Vision Pro headset for $39,900

Dubai-based company Caviar is known for luxury tech and has now introduced its own version of the Apple Vision Pro headset.
Apple Vision Pro Headset Caviar

Known for high-end bespoke tech, Dubai-based Caviar has now unveiled its own version of the Apple Vision Pro headset. The Caviar Edition, also known as the CVR Edition, aims to transform Apple’s “Spatial Computer” into a design work of art. The luxury brand took inspiration from Tom Ford’s flip-up glasses and Gucci’s ski masks for their own version of the headset. In their own words, they transformed the headset into the “pinnacle of both technology and style”.

The Apple Vision Pro Caviar Edition and its protective mask are adorned with more than 3 pounds of 18k gold. The headband is crafted from Connolly leather. The material is also supplied to the UK Royal Court and Rolls-Royce and aims to ensure the wearer a pampered and comfortable experience.

Anyone who has read about the Vision Pro knows that Apple’s first AR/VR headset uses EyeSight. This makes the Apple Vision Pro headset appear see-through as the wearer’s eyes become visible when someone approaches. Although EyeSight gives other people visual cues that you’re engaged in virtual reality, Caviar has decided to explore another option. You simply fold down the golden visor and data protection is secured.

While the regular Apple headset costs a whopping $3,499 (€3,219), the CVR Edition should start at an even more whopping $39,900 (€36,719). However, Caviar will only make 24 units of the Apple Vision Pro Caviar Edition, so sales should be no problem. Caviar plans to launch the headset in autumn 2024.


Toni Hobrecht
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