Bard update integrates images from Google search

The AI chatbot Google Bard is now able to provide the appropriate images for its answers if required.. You can also add images to questions.
Google AI Bard

From Windows Copilot to AI features in the Microsoft Store, Microsoft is dominating the AI headlines today. To take away some of the hype, Google has now announced a new feature for its AI assistant Bard. On the Experiment updates page, which serves as a changelog, Google revealed that Bard has received a new feature. The AI chatbot is now able to provide the appropriate images for its answers if required.

Starting with answers in English, Bard can now directly integrate the appropriate images from the Google search. But you can also ask Bard directly for pictures and you will receive appropriate suggestions including the respective sources. For example, you can ask Bard, “What are the must-see sights of New Orleans?”. The chatbot then makes appropriate suggestions with pictures of the different locations.

You can also add images to your questions. For example, you can upload a picture of two dogs and ask Bard to write a funny caption. Using Google Lens, Bard can analyze the image, identify the dog breeds, and then make appropriate suggestions. According to Google, the feature was developed because the visualization helps with the context of the question. In addition, ideas can be communicated more effectively with images.

The feature was announced earlier this month during Google I/O. However, the actual rollout has only now taken place.


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