Barbie style Apple iPhone 15 Pro, Watch 9 and Galaxy Z Flip5

Caviar has just released its new Barbie collection featuring the Apple iPhone 15 Pro, Watch Series 9 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5.
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Watch Series 9 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Barbie

Caviar, the company best known for their bold, custom cell phone designs, has just released its new Barbie collection called #Barbiecore. Three devices (technically four) belong to the series and, in addition to the obligatory diamonds, they also get a new coat of paint in pink. These include the yet to be released Apple iPhone 15 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9.

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro sports a stylized stiletto shoe engraved on the lower back area. The foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, on the other hand, can draw attention to itself with a fluffy bobble made of faux fur. There are also 49 sparkling rubies on the back.

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro, on the other hand, wears 61 Swarovski crystals around the camera module, while the back is made of pink crocodile leather. Of course, Caviar also generously distributes 24-carat gold on the Apple smartphone. The frame around the cameras, the sides and the shoe are cast from the precious metal.

The Apple Watch Series 9, on the other hand, features a bespoke 316L stainless steel housing. There is also a rose gold PVD coating and a gold decorative stud, clasp and turning knob. The bracelet itself is made of pink rubber. It is not yet known whether it can be exchanged.

All three designs are available in limited editions – 99 units per product. So far, however, these are only concepts that have yet to be built. However, Caviar is already taking orders from customers with the appropriate financial means. The Apple Watch Series 9 will cost $1,900 (€1,750), the Galaxy Z Flip5 starts at $8,560 (€7,883). The iPhone 15 Pro is $7,990 (€7,358). Alternatively, you can also grab the Apple iPhone 14 Pro for $7,270 (€6,695).


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