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Asus ROG Ally: handheld gaming console with Windows 11

Just like that, Asus dropped the bomb and announced a brand new gaming console under the Republic of Gamers brand – the Asus ROG Ally is here. The new handheld gaming console runs on Windows 11 and is set to compete against Valve’s Steam Deck.

However, Asus didn’t really reveal many details about the ROG Ally and basically only published a few pictures, a teaser video and some technical data. According to them, the gaming console is powered by a custom AMD APU chipset that can be paired with a ROG X6 Mobile eGPU. The display has a resolution of 1080p. Whether it is LCD or OLED technology is just as unknown as the refresh rate.

The ROG Ally already runs on the latest Microsoft Windows version 11, so you can probably assume that all cloud-based gaming services will also work. These include, for example, Steam and the Xbox cloud gaming service.

The remaining technical data of the Asus ROG Ally remain a mystery for now. In addition to the missing specs, the memory configurations are also missing, along with their corresponding pricing and availability. In addition, it is also still completely unclear in which countries Asus will sell the new games console at all. So far, you can only sign up for the pre-order notification on the Ally website (source link).


Mats Hellqvist
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