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Apple Watch: No third-party watch faces planned

Two Apple Vice Presidents commented on the Apple Watch and watchOS 10 in an interview with the Schweizer Tagesanzeiger.
Apple watchOS 10

The two Apple Vice Presidents Kevin Lynch (software) and Deidre Caldbeck (marketing) spoke about watchOS 10 in an interview with the Schweizer Tagesanzeiger. According to the conversation, Apple still has no plans to allow third-party watch faces for the Apple Watch.

Since the watch face is effectively the home screen of the Apple Watch, Apple would prefer it to come from a first-party. According to the two VPs, Apple would otherwise not be able to ensure that third-party watch faces continue to work properly after a software update.

Lynch and Caldbeck also shared that the decision to change single button presses on the digital crown from the app switcher to the control center was based on user feedback. People wanted access to the control center at all times, which was made possible with that. You can switch between different apps by pressing twice. When switching to the Smart Stack widget system in watchOS 10, user feedback was also a big issue.

Finally, the two Apple employees addressed the topic of Force Touch. With Force Touch, in previous Apple Watches, you could access more information by pressing harder. Apple needed Force Touch because of its earlier watches’ smaller displays and limited control options. With the ever-larger panels of current models, the company found better ways to display information, eliminating the need for Force Touch.


Toni Hobrecht
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