Apple Vision Pro headset struggles with weight and lenses

The Apple Vision Pro 2 headset is expected to be significantly smaller and lighter while consuming less power.
Apple Vision Pro visionOS

According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman’s latest newsletter, the Apple Vision Pro VR/AR headset is currently struggling with two major problems. On the one hand, the first tests quickly revealed that the weight of the headset was too high. On the other hand, the headset is not compatible with various types of prescription glasses.

For the Vision Pro 2, Apple is therefore planning to drastically reduce the size and improve efficiency so that the large and therefore heavy external battery is not required. In fact, Apple originally planned to release the headset with a built-in battery. However, due to the additional weight, the Californians decided to use an external battery and a cable.

In order to make the Apple Vision Pro lighter and more compact, the company also had to make major compromises on the lenses. Therefore, there is simply not enough space inside the headset for glasses. One way to solve this problem is to build custom Vision Pros with the appropriate corrective lenses. But that would reduce the resale value of the headset to almost zero.

Additionally, the lens combinations are far too numerous for one manufacturer to handle this volume. The effort for retail stores to have every combination in stock would also be far too great. In addition, Apple would need appropriate medical licenses and certifications to sell eyeglass lenses.

All in all, we are still a long way from the Apple Vision Pro 2. Even the first Apple headset will only be available in the USA at launch and only by appointment. At least the second Apple visionOS beta is now here, so developers can start coding apps.


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