Apple Vision Pro headset is only available by appointment

According to a new report, Apple plans to roll out the new Vision Pro headset extremely slowly and through select stores in the US.
Apple Vision Pro

According to a new report, Apple plans to roll out the new Vision Pro headset extremely slowly and through select stores in the US. In fact, you have to make an appointment first, even if you are seriously interested and have the financial means to do so. Apple stores are said to have dedicated areas with seating, a demo headset or two, and tools for sizing accessories.

To determine the correct light seal, Apple develops both an iPhone app and a physical scanner. The stores with these special areas will initially only target “major areas” such as New York and Los Angeles. Later, Apple plans to roll out the store upgrades nationwide, but probably only if sales of the Vision Pro headset develop as expected. Given the complexity of in-store setup, Apple doesn’t expect to start selling through third-parties until 2025. Online sales in the US via Apple’s online store are scheduled to start in early 2024.

At the end of 2024, the headset will also reach other countries, with the first two markets to be Great Britain and Canada. Asia and Europe will then follow “soon after”, i.e. not before 2025. According to the report, Apple engineers are currently working on localizations for France, Germany, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. So we already have an idea of when and where the rollout will continue.

Apple Vision Pro 2 and affordable Vision One

In addition, Apple is already working on a Vision Pro 2, which should come onto the market in 2026. A cheaper Apple Vision One headset has already made headlines. However, according to reports from earlier this week, the current model is already encountering production problems. Due to the complex manufacturing process, Apple has therefore already halved its sales estimates for the first year from 900,000 to less than 400,000 units.

Interestingly, when testing the Vision Pro, Apple found that some people with “smaller body sizes and heads” had trouble wearing the headset for more than about half an hour. Therefore, a second strap that sits over the user’s head is currently being developed. However, the design is not final yet.

The Apple Vision Pro also has built-in alerts designed to discourage users from using the headset above certain speeds. This is to prevent you from running into a wall or an object. But there is also a special “travel mode” for use on a plane or car that disables the above warnings.


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