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Apple Vision Pro apps to try out

There are already over 600 apps for the Apple Vision Pro headset. We have selected the best tips from all categories.
Crouton Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro headset also comes with a brand new App Store with various apps optimized for spatial computing. Optimized apps are those that take advantage of the Vision Pro’s immersive capabilities, but many iPad apps can also be used with the headset. We’ve rounded up some of the 600+ apps with native visionOS support.


There are a number of popular weather apps that have made the jump to the Apple Vision Pro App Store. If you want to add a window to your virtual workspace, you’ll find several options here.

CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather has a visionOS-optimized interface with a transparent window that can be placed anywhere in the room. It has all the functions you would expect from a weather app. This includes favorites, sunrise and sunset times, a 10-day forecast, air quality, current weather conditions, hourly forecasts and more. There’s also a 3D globe to explore the weather around the world.

  • Shorts or Pants: Shorts or Pants is a weather app with customizable themes and maps for temperature, air quality, humidity, precipitation, UV index and more.
  • Mercury Weather: Mercury Weather offers a selection of interactive mini weather windows that can be placed anywhere in the environment.
  • Seasons: Seasons is an immersive weather app designed for the Apple Vision Pro. It uses spatial audio technology and has 34 immersive weather atmospheres to try out. The app also provides forecasts at minute, hourly and daily levels as well as other weather information.


Microsoft offers several apps optimized for Vision Pro, including Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Teams. In addition, there are a variety of to-do apps, calendars and other options for the Vision Pro setup.

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft has developed Apple Vision Pro versions of Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Loop. All apps have an interface optimized for visionOS with transparency so that the work content merges with the background. The windows for the apps can be placed anywhere in the virtual room.

Vision Pro allows users to practice their PowerPoint presentations as if they were speaking in front of an audience. Excel offers tools for graphing complex formulas, charts and tables and for visualizing data. Word has a focus mode to hide distractions and Teams uses the Vision Pro Persona feature.


The popular calendar app Fantastical has been redesigned for the Apple Vision Pro headset and offers an interface optimized for visionOS. Fantastical has the familiar features, but also supports multiple windows and other visionOS features. It is free to use, but you can unlock additional options with a subscription. Existing subscribers have access to all premium features of the visionOS app.

Things 3

The popular Things 3 task management app has a new interface developed for Vision Pro that can be used in different environments. You can place multiple Things windows around you to create a customized workspace. The interface is controlled using eye and hand gestures. The app also has versions for Mac, iPad, iPhone and the Apple Watch and works with a wireless keyboard. The app is available for a one-time price of $30.


Cloud storage service Box has also developed an Apple Vision Pro app that supports 3D object viewing and editing, collaboration, design optimization, video and animation, and more. Box says retailers can use Vision Pro to decide on proposals for storefront designs. Manufacturers can create 3D renderings and educational institutions can use 3D models to support virtual learning.


Flowriter can generate any location using AI and create an immersive background as a backdrop for writing. The app offers customizable cutouts so that important elements such as the desk and keyboard remain visible while everything else is hidden for concentration. The files can be easily exported to a Mac, as can the backgrounds created. The app costs $9.99 per month.

  • Parcel: Parcel is a shipment tracking app for the Apple Vision Pro with a visionOS-optimized package tracking interface.
  • Airmail: The popular mail app Airmail is available on “visionOS,” allowing Airmail users to view their emails on Vision Pro in a streamlined interface with window transparency and gesture support.
  • OmniPlan 4: OmniPlan 4 for Vision Pro brings the app’s familiar interface into a spatial environment.
  • ReminderCal 3: ReminderCal 3 brings the ReminderCal interface to Vision Pro, but has been redesigned with a native look and interface. With ReminderCal 3, reminders can be synchronized with the calendar, with everything done offline.
  • Focus: Focus is a Pomodoro time management app that brings a Pomodoro timer to your virtual space to manage tasks and track work goals.
  • Söka: Söka is an app for creating and tracking bucket lists and goals. It uses AI to generate suggestions.
  • Planny: Planny is a simple daily planning app with an interface optimized for VisionOS.
  • Focused Work: Focused Work is a Pomodoro timer app for setting up timed Focus sessions to get work done.
  • Email Me: Email Me is an app that lets you email yourself a note so you don’t forget to complete a task.
  • Runestone: Runestone is a text-only editor for Vision Pro. It supports over 25 programming languages and features syntax highlighting, line numbers, custom themes, and more.
  • Timeline: Timeline lets you track and visualize everything from habits and tasks to moods, medications, events, and more.
  • Spark: Readdle’s popular email app Spark is available on the Vision Pro with a spatially optimized experience. Emails can be written in an immersive, interactive environment and read in large windows.
  • Numerics: Numerics is a dashboard app for tracking and sharing KPIs. It can unite metrics from a range of different tools into shareable dashboards that provide a 360-degree view of business performance.
  • Finalist Daily Planner: The Finalist Daily Planner integrates calendar events, reminders, weather, and more for easy planning and also includes a notepad.


Apple Vision Pro also comes with a range of helper apps, such as a calculator. But there are lots more.


With Juno for YouTube, you can watch YouTube videos in a VisionOS interface without having to resort to Safari. Since YouTube doesn’t develop a Vision Pro app, Juno is an alternative that offers native controls, resizing, aspect ratio detection and more. The app costs $4.99.

  • Pcalc: The popular calculator app Pcalc has been ported to the Apple Vision Pro and allows users to place a calculator anywhere in the workspace.
  • JigSpace: JigSpace is an app that allows you to create, view and display 3D presentations in augmented reality.
  • Calc Board: Calc Board is a spatial calculator that can be used with hand gestures and shows calculations on a separate display while an equation is written out.
  • CardPointers: aims to help people with credit cards save money by earning points and cashback. The visionOS version updates as you shop in Safari, showing which cards would earn the most points at checkout.
  • Bills to Budget: A money management and budgeting app that lets you see your spending in an expandable ‌visionOS‌ app window.
  • Plant Daddy: Keep track of your plants and get reminders when it’s time to water. You can also create your own windows for your plants in visionOS and place them in the same place as the real plants in the virtual space.
  • Timely: Spatial Clock: Timely is a simple app that allows Vision Pro users to add a clock anywhere in their workspace.
  • La Terminal: La Terminal is a Vision Pro app for command line fans. It has command search and AI support, as well as visualizations of CPU and memory usage. There are different themes and backgrounds from which you can choose an individual appearance.
  • Locked Notes: Access: Access is an app that can be used to store passwords, bank accounts, secure notes, credit cards and other information. Access synchronizes the data via iCloud. It integrates with the password feature on Apple devices.
  • SubManager: SubManager is a subscription management app that lets you track your subscriptions and keep track of renewal dates in one place.
  • Visual: Visual is a virtual workspace countdown timer.
  • TLDR AI: Shows a summary of all articles on the web and provides the most important points. You can also insert URLs or texts directly and get a summary.
  • Alpenglow: Alpenglow is an app that can display sunrise, sunset and magic hour times for any location to plan photo shoots. It also provides predictions about whether a sunrise or sunset will be colorful or dull.
  • Tizipizi: Tizipizi is a time zone management app for converting time zones and scheduling meetings around the world. It has a reference clock, time-sharing support, clock themes, meeting scheduling tools, and more.

Lifestyle, fitness and cooking

Lifestyle apps range from meditation to space planning and everything in between. There are a whole host of apps aimed at relaxation, as well as some for cooking and exercising.


The Crouton recipe app allows you to select a recipe and join in the cooking. You can use a size chart to display the size of the dish. You can also create piles of meal planning cards to add to a quick weekly meal plan. There’s also an option to place timers in the kitchen while you’re cooking to keep an eye on the preparation in AR.

  • Odio: Odio offers immersive AR soundscapes designed to help users focus on work or relax. The app includes spatial audio ornaments that serve as a focal point for an immersive listening experience.
  • Sprinkles: Sprinkles is a super simple app that creates confetti showers and allows users to operate a confetti cannon.
  • Project Alleycat: Project Alleycat is an Apple Vision Pro app that lets you walk the streets of Tewkesbury, a medieval English town. The app also contains guides to Tewkesbury’s history.
  • Resolve: Resolve is an enterprise app for Vision Pro that allows those who design, build and operate buildings to review data on the headset. Resolve allows users to walk through buildings and explore designs before construction begins.
  • SmartGym: SmartGym for Vision Pro allows users to set up routines and exercises, learn proper technique, and monitor their fitness progress.
  • Animant: Allows you to capture a panorama to create a background, scan important objects, and animate the movement of models in your room. It’s a way to create AR memories.
  • Healium: Healium is a mindfulness app that offers immersive experiences designed to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Ambre: Recipe manager app Ambre allows users to open ingredients and recipe instructions in different windows, with the windows able to be placed at convenient locations in the kitchen.
  • Elysian Fields: Elysian Fields is a meditation app that combines soothing sounds with high-quality graphics.
  • Nuits: Nuits features soothing sounds and backgrounds with animated miniatures. It can be used as a Pomodoro timer or to block out background noise for better sleep and concentration.


The entertainment category is probably where most apps are already available, as companies like Disney+ and Max are developing customized versions. There are also movie-watching apps, interactive sports apps and more.


With the Disney+ app for the Apple Vision Pro headset, you can watch Disney+ content in four environments like Avengers Tower and Tatooine. Each of the environments contains animations and sounds that bring the room to life. There are also Easter eggs from the films to discover.

  • Max: The Max app features themed environments such as the Iron Throne Room and the Red Keep from the House of the Dragons series.
  • Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Prime Video brings together various popular shows under one roof, including The Boys, Mrs. Maisel and Jack Ryan.
  • IMAX: The IMAX app offers a selection of 2D and 3D content, such as the Deep Sky documentary.
  • NBA: The NBA app on Vision Pro allows basketball fans to stream up to five broadcasts live or on-demand, as well as view player and team statistics in real-time.
  • PGA TOUR Vision: This app uses real-time shot tracking overlaid on 3D models of real golf courses.
  • MUBI: MUBI content can be viewed via the native MUBI app for Vision Pro.
  • Crunchyroll: Crunchyroll has a Vision Pro-optimized interface with options to customize watchlists and stream anime series.
  • Play: Play lets you bookmark and organize videos from streaming services, YouTube, and more to create playlists of content.
  • FilmNoir: FilmNoir lets you track your favorite movies and TV shows and create watchlists and watch history.
  • Sequel: Sequel keeps track of the movies you want to watch, the games you want to play, and the books you want to read.


The popular video conferencing app Zoom natively supports Apple Vision Pro. Additionally, there are already some GIF apps that allow you to find and create GIFs to share on social media.


The Zoom app has a scalable interface that can be displayed in the real world or against a virtual background. Zoom supports personas, similar to FaceTime. Later this year, the app will get 3D file sharing and team chat integration.

  • GIF Editor: Allows you to create and combine GIFs and effects for use on social media.
  • Heypster: Heypster is an app that lets you search for GIFs to react with on social media.


There are a number of audio apps that combine sound creation with gestures for a unique, immersive experience.


The popular DJ software and music mixing app djay is now also available for the Apple Vision Pro. The app has been completely redesigned to offer a spatial interface and gesture-based controls that make creating new mixes a real experience. There are 3D turntables, dynamic light shows, visual audio scrubbing and fun extras such as a disco ball that can be placed anywhere. djay can now also be used in Apple Music, a feature available on all Apple platforms.

  • Audio Vision: Audio Vision is an audio analysis app that provides real-time spectrum analysis and frequency distribution visualization. It also includes waveform visualization for better understanding of song and sound composition.
  • Longplay: Longplay is a music app that places your albums on a giant, curved wall so you can see everything in your library.
  • Spatial Symphony: Spatial Symphony is a music app that allows users to create, manipulate, and explore sounds using hand gestures. Users can choose from a range of preset sounds and shape the sound by moving their hands.
  • NowPlaying: NowPlaying has a SongDisplay feature that uses the Vision Pro microphone to identify music from any source and provide interesting details about songs, albums and artists.
  • Animoog Galaxy: Animoog Galaxy is a music production app that combines generative visual and audio elements with a user’s existing environment. It features a range of synthesizer controls and 120 professionally designed presets for comprehensive design sound features.
  • AmazeVR Concerts: This app offers spatial interactive musical performances. Concerts cost $13. There are performances by Zara Larsson, T-Pain and UPSAHL, with more to come.

Art and Design

  • Da Vinci Eye: Da Vinci Eye is an app that can project an image onto any small or medium sized surface so you can trace it. The app is designed to help users improve their skills in drawing, painting and other crafts. There is also a Mural Maker feature for creating large-scale artwork.
  • Planner 5D: Planner 5D is an interior design and home improvement app that lets you view 3D design projects, customize furnishings and finishes, explore 360-degree renderings and panoramas, and create designs using hundreds of catalog items.
  • LiveSurface: LiveSurface allows users to place their artwork, photos, sculptures and illustrations on objects in the real world.
  • Bento Craft: Allows developers to create marketing images for their apps that can be used on social media, websites, and more.
  • Scenery: Scenery is a spatial computing authoring and storytelling tool that enables developers to create multi-sensory, immersive experiences without code.


The education apps are currently some of the most interesting ways to use the new Apple Vision Pro headset. They offer everything from exploring the night sky to a glimpse into the heart.

Sky Guide

Sky Guide has been redesigned for the Apple Vision Pro and offers a range of experiences such as an aurora storm and a historic meteor shower, as well as views of the sky in wavelengths not visible to the naked eye. With zoom binoculars, you can explore space and pull constellations from the sky to interact with them.

Complete HeartX

Complete HeartX offers photorealistic models of the heart. Gestures can be used to explore the heart from any angle. There are also details about heart disease and how it affects the structure and function of the heart.

School Assistant

School Assistant is a planner app for students to track homework, tests, class times and more on the Apple Vision Pro. It has a native visionOS design with see-through windows. And because it’s designed for students, it’s completely free to download and use.

  • Voyager: Voyager combines satellite imagery, high-resolution terrain and live traffic data to provide a 3D airport exploration experience. Airports are displayed in 3D on a floating disk that can be viewed from any angle.
  • Insight Heart: Insight Heart offers an interactive detailed look at the human heart.
  • CellWalk: CellWalk introduces users to the processes of life with guided lessons, a look inside a bacterial cell, and more.
  • Night Sky: Night Sky is a personal planetarium app. Users can explore planets, stars, constellations and more. The app is able to identify stars and planets in the sky and the planets and constellations can be interacted with using hand gestures.
  • Schooly: Schooly is an app for managing schoolwork and classes. It can be used to track tasks, send reminders when work is due, and more.
  • Subjects: Subjects is an app that helps you keep track of homework, grades, and class schedules.


  • Pines: Pines has information on more than 2,500 campgrounds across the United States. With the Vision Pro you can find and explore new places.
  • Pack, Repeat: Pack, Repeat is an app designed to help with packing for a trip. It features a customizable checklist of all the items a person might need, so nothing is left behind.


Lowe’s, Zillow and other companies have developed interactive apps that bring shopping into the living room via the Apple Vision Pro.


Zillow has also developed a useful new app that offers realistic, immersive virtual tours of homes for sale. There’s a 3D panoramic view of every room, from ceiling to floor.


The Lowe’s app lets you design your dream kitchen in an interactive 3D kitchen. There are designer-curated styles as well as customization options with hundreds of real materials, fixtures and appliances.

  • J.Crew: The J.Crew Virtual Closet app offers live consultations and helps users explore looks in a spatial environment using a mannequin that can be dressed in J.Crew outfits.
  • Wayfair Decorify: Wayfair’s Decorify app lets you search for furniture and test it in your own space.
  • Facades: Michael Steeber’s Facades app, focused on Apple’s retail stores, is also available on the Vision Pro. You can view all of Apple’s 500+ stores, save visited stores and favorite stores, and see changes to stores over time.


There are already a whole host of games available on the Apple Vision Pro, many complete with Vision Pro-optimized interfaces and gesture-based gameplay. Many non-optimized apps will still run on the device and can be played with a Bluetooth controller.

Wisp World

In Wisp World a little forest spirit is your best friend and lives on your desk from now on. Over time, the ghost’s habitat evolves as you talk to him and there are one or two interactions in a relaxing soundscape. Wisp World is based on the story of Liquid City’s mobile game Overbeast, so fans of that game will enjoy the app.


In the puzzle game Blackbox, which costs 20 US dollars, you have to solve a series of bubble puzzles that float in the air in front of you. Like Blackbox on the iPhone, there are unique ways to solve the puzzles, such as moving in a certain way, using sounds and more. Development of the game will continue throughout the year, and content updates will be available for free.


Loóna is a spatial puzzle game where players piece together 3D dioramas to create animated scenes that come to life. The game is described as a relaxing puzzle game with an intuitive game mechanic that utilizes the gesture controls of the Apple Vision Pro. The game can be downloaded for free. To unlock the full version, however, an in-app purchase for 19.99 US dollars is required.

What the Golf?

The Apple arcade game “What the Golf?” for visionOS brings a golf course into the user’s environment. The idea is to play a round of golf with horses, cars, houses, planets and more. There is already a similar iOS version, but not in 3D.

Super Fruit Ninja

Super Fruit Ninja combines familiar gameplay with spatial calculations. Players can slice and dice pineapples and watermelons, throw bombs and make even more fruit salad with throwing stars.

  • Game Room: Game Room offers realistic recreations of classic tabletop games such as Chess, Hearts, Yacht, Sea Battle and Solitaire with gesture-based gameplay. Games can be played alone or against others from around the world.
  • Skatrix Pro: In Skatrix Pro, spatial hand gestures can be used with a 3D joystick to control a skateboarder and perform physics-based tricks.
  • Stitch: Stitch is a puzzle game where players complete each level by stitching on an embroidery hoop. The Apple Vision Pro version offers a more interactive gaming environment with a realistic stick engine.
  • Illustrated: Illustrated is a puzzle game featuring illustrations by famous artists from around the world.
  • LEGO Builder’s Journey: LEGO Builder’s Journey lets you use virtual LEGO bricks to solve puzzles. This is a story-based app where you make progress by solving puzzles.
  • Synth Riders: Synth Riders is an addictive rhythm game that challenges players to catch notes and avoid obstacles in the background of the music. There are more than 70 soundtracks and options for full immersion or gameplay in the user’s room.
  • Puzzling Places: Puzzling Places is a 3D puzzle game where you put together photorealistic miniatures of real places.
  • CrossCraft: CrossCraft is an app that allows you to create your own crossword puzzles for friends and family members.
  • Mahjong Space: Mahjong Space is a multiplayer spatial mahjong game that can be set up on a real physical tabletop or in a floating window.
  • TinyFins: In TinyFins you guide a school of fish through rings with your hands. In the best case scenario, without touching sharks and puffer fish.
  • Lion’s Eye: Lion’s Eye isn’t a real game, but it’s close to being one. It is a Magic: The Gathering collection manager and deck builder.
  • Ploppy Pairs and Where is Ploppy: Ploppy Pairs is a simple game of playing cards using SharePlay during a FaceTime call. Where is Ploppy sends a lot of objects into the space around the user, one of which you have to find. The game supports VoiceOver and an audio navigation system to make it easier for visually impaired players to find the maps.
  • Void-X: Void-X is an arcade shoot ’em up game with retro aesthetics and 3D effects.

Some popular apps are not currently planning Vision Pro compatibility. These companies have also disabled the feature that allows the iPad versions of their apps to be used on the Vision Pro. These include

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