Apple Vision Pro 2: Development stopped due to cheaper model?

Instead of an Apple Vision Pro 2, Apple is reportedly planning a cheaper version of the headset for around $1,500 - a Vision Lite.
Apple Vision Pro

A few months ago, we heard that the Apple Vision Pro 2 would not be released until August 2025 at the earliest. However, The Information claims that Apple has stopped working on its next high-end headset and plans to release a cheaper model in late 2025. The article states that the number of employees responsible for developing the Vision Pro 2 has gradually decreased. Additionally, Apple has informed at least one of its suppliers that it has stopped working on the second-generation Vision Pro.

It is still unclear how much this new, cheaper Apple Vision headset might cost. However, according to The Information, Apple is aiming for a price of around $1,500 (€1,396). The budget Vision is expected to shed some features from the Pro model. Rumors suggest that it will not have the high-end display from the Pro model. However, it will reportedly have a simpler headband, smaller speakers, and fewer cameras on board.

However, Apple is said to be struggling to lower the price of the affordable Vision Pro 2 without sacrificing too many features. According to the tip, Apple could resume work on the next Pro model in the future. For now, however, development is on hold to concentrate on the cheaper model.


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