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Apple ticker: iPhone SE 4 more expensive, iOS 17.5.1 bug, iOS 18 with ChatGPT

The Apple iPhone SE 4 is becoming more expensive, iOS 17.5.1 no longer shows deleted images and iOS 18 gets ChatGPT or Google Gemini support.
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Apple iPhone SE 4 should be more expensive

According to a tipster on X, who has now disappeared from the scene along with his account, the Apple iPhone SE 4 will be slightly more expensive than its predecessor, the iPhone SE (2022). For comparison: the current model started at 529 euros / 429 US dollars.

This information amounts to little more than a rumor. However, if they are true, the price of the Apple iPhone SE 4 could increase by 10%. That would cost around 580 euros or 470 US dollars. when the cheapest iPhone hits the market sometime in 2025. Perhaps the use of a more modern iPhone 14-inspired design and the implementation of Face ID justify the price increase. Since the last iPhone SE is already two years old, neither a price increase nor a technology update would surprise anyone.


Apple fixes iOS 17.5.1 bug: Deleted photos no longer appear

The iOS 17.5 update released last week caused some deleted photos to reappear. To fix this problem, Apple has now added a bug fix to iOS 17.5.1. In the iOS 17.5.1 release notes, Apple says: “This update provides important bug fixes and addresses a rare issue where photos that experienced database corruption could reappear in the Photos library even if they were deleted.

That sounds relatively vague and a detailed explanation from Apple would have been desirable. Especially since some users have seen pictures that they had deleted years ago. However, if you have an eligible iPhone, you can download iOS 17.5.1 by navigating to the Settings > General > Software Update menu.


Report: Apple completes talks with OpenAI for ChatGPT integration in iOS 18

According to a source familiar with the matter, Apple is in the final stages of negotiating a deal with OpenAI. The Cupertino-based company wants to use ChatGPT to improve some of its new AI features in the upcoming iOS 18. However, according to the source, the two companies are in no hurry to officially announce the deal. According to previous reports, Apple is also in talks with Google to use their Gemini AI. Therefore, a final decision may not have been made yet.

Interestingly, recent rumors suggest that Apple will try to host most of the AI features on its device. This means that the chipset on the device does most of the work, while the rest ends up in iCloud. However, the question is whether OpenAI and Google will get involved.


Apple is fighting against a €1.8 billion Spotify antitrust fine

In March this year, Apple was hit with a massive €1.8 billion ($2 billion) fine over a complaint originally filed by Spotify in 2019. The complaint was simple: Apple charges app makers a 30% tax when a user subscribes to their service for a week and 15% for subsequent years. This gave Apple Music an unfair advantage over Spotify, as the latter was forced to increase subscription costs to cover the tax.

However, Apple won’t just pay. Bloomberg reports that Apple has filed its own lawsuit with the EU court in Luxembourg to try to overturn the hefty fine. Apple points out that the European Commission has not provided credible evidence that consumers have been harmed by its App Store policies.

On the other hand, predatory pricing is expressly prohibited in antitrust law. Previously, apps were not even allowed to advertise that users would get a cheaper subscription if they visited the website instead. Since then, the European Commission has passed rules forcing Apple to allow app makers to promote alternative payment methods.


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