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Apple Pencil Pro offers squeeze and roll gestures and haptic feedback

The Apple Pencil Pro offers more features than any Apple Pencil before. However, you also notice this in the price.
Apple Pencil Pro

At its big event, Apple also presented its latest stylus alongside the iPad Pro 11 (2024) and the iPad Pro 13 (2024). And the Apple Pencil Pro obviously lives up to its name. It offers far more functions than anything that has previously existed in this direction in the Apple universe.

The Apple Pencil Pro features haptic feedback as well as squeeze and roll gestures. When pressed, a tool palette appears, allowing you to quickly switch between tools, lineweights, and colors. The roll gesture gives you precise control over the tool you use. Rotating the barrel changes the orientation of the sculpted pen and brush tools as if you were using pen and paper.

The rolling gesture is made possible by a gyroscope attached to the pen. The hover gesture allows you to visualize the precise orientation of a tool before using the stylus on your iPad. Haptic feedback provides gentle confirmation when you press, double-tap, or align the stylus with a smart shape.

The Apple Pencil Pro also supports the Find My network, so if you ever misplace it, you can always find it. You can pair, charge and store it via a magnetic interface on the side of the new iPad Pro tablets. The pen is available for 149 euros / 129 US dollars. The Apple Pencil (USB-C) remains on offer for 89 euros / 79 US dollars.



Toni Hobrecht
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