Apple pauses advertising on X after new Elon Musk escapades

According to Axios, Apple froze its entire advertising budget on X/Twitter following anti-Semitic comments from Elon Musk.
Elon Musk Twitter X

According to Axios, Apple has frozen its entire advertising budget on the social network X, formerly known as Twitter. The decision came after anti-Semitic comments made by X-CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday. After various advertisers fled the platform following Musk’s takeover of Twitter, Apple continued to pay for commercials and remained one of Twitter’s largest advertising partners. Back in March, Musk thanked Apple for its support, calling the company one of Twitter’s “biggest advertisers.”

Apple had already temporarily stopped advertising on X / Twitter in November 2022. At that time, Musk thought of the appropriate question as to whether Apple hates “free speech”. Musk also said that Apple threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store. In this case, he wanted to “make an alternative phone.”

The dispute was resolved after Musk met with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple Park later that year. Musk then claimed that Apple had actually never threatened to remove X/Twitter from the App Store. It is a “misunderstanding”. Musk eventually called it a “good conversation” and after that Apple completely resumed advertising. Apple reportedly spent more than $100 million per year on Twitter ads in 2022.

Given Musk’s latest comments, it’s unclear whether Apple will resume advertising in the future. Cook said in September that it was “constantly” evaluating whether Apple should buy ads on the social network.

Apple isn’t the only company pulling out of X ads. IBM also announced this week that it would stop advertising, and the European Union also plans to stop advertising on the social network. In addition, the White House also condemned Musk’s comments. According to the New York Times, other companies have complained about Musk based on tips from X employees.



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