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Apple MR headset to come with MagSafe battery

As Apple's annual developer conference WWDC approaches, new technical details about the Apple MR headset came to light today.
Apple MR Headset

As Apple’s annual developer conference WWDC approaches, new technical details about Apple’s mixed reality headset came to light today. In his latest newsletter, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman spoke about the battery and charger for the Apple MR headset. Accordingly, the battery of the headset will be about the size of an iPhone. However, it should be a bit thicker to offer additional capacity and charge via USB-C. The cell is said to be similar to the iPhone MagSafe Battery Pack, which was launched in 2021.

According to Mark Gurman, the battery connects with a cable that ends in a proprietary round connector and attaches to the headset via magnets. The interesting thing is that the connector is rotatable. If you turn it clockwise in the Apple MR headset, you can lock the connection and thus prevent unwanted disconnections caused by movements. The other end of the cable is glued to the battery pack and is not removable.

Gurman also expects the headset to be able to launch all existing first-party apps for Apple’s iPad, as well as “hundreds” of third-party apps, in mixed reality without requiring developers to overhaul their apps. In addition, the Apple MR headset will also get a new wellness app with a focus on meditation. The price should be around 3,000 US dollars (2,716 euros) in the US.


Toni Hobrecht
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