Apple iPhone will remain at 60 Hz until 2025

Today there was a peek into the crystal ball regarding iPhone ProMotion displays, Apple's marketing name for high refresh rates.
Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Last year, Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants predicted that the base iPhone models will get the Dynamic Island-style front camera with the 2023 generation, i.e. H. the iPhone 15. Today there was a similar peek into the crystal ball regarding the ProMotion displays, Apple’s marketing name for high refresh rates. No, it’s not this year.

What is already known is that the Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will skip both 120 Hz and an always-on display mode. Instead, the major update will be the switch from the notch to the dynamic island. However, according to Young’s new report, next year’s iPhone 16 models will also use a standard LTPS panel with a 60Hz refresh rate. The full schedule can be seen by clicking on the image at the top right.

It looks like Apple wants to keep a clear separation between iPhone and iPhone Pro displays. And if the Dynamic Island is no longer available for this, ProMotion takes over the job. When ProMotion finally reaches the basic models with the iPhone 17 in 2025, the pros will get an under-display FaceID. However, predictions from last year indicated that the FaceID system and possibly the selfie camera will move under the display as early as next year.

First UD camera in Apple iPhone 19 Pro

According to today’s timeline, FaceID will move under the display first. But the front camera will still remain visible in a punchhole. And while UD cameras have been built into Android phones for a number of years, Young says Apple won’t introduce the technology until 2027 with the iPhone 19 series. More specifically, the iPhone 19 Pro models get an under-display camera.

This will also be the first generation of entry-level iPhones with an under-display FaceID system. Because here, too, Apple will want to maintain a clear separation between Pro and non-Pro iPhones. Of course, the basic models will get other updates in the meantime.


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