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Apple iPhone Fold to be delayed

Is the Apple iPhone Fold coming first? Recently the rumors have been more in the direction of an iPad Fold or a MacBook Fold.
Apple iPhone Fold

Apple’s first foray into the world of foldable devices is reportedly going to be rather big. There are already various rumors about both a 7 to 8-inch Apple iPad Fold and an even larger 20.25-inch MacBook Fold. The smaller of the two devices is expected for 2026/2027, while the larger foldable is expected to hit the market in 2028. Apparently an Apple iPhone Fold is also in development. The foldable iPhone is no longer expected to meet the originally planned release date, but could still come onto the market before the other two candidates.

According to reports, Apple originally gave the end of 2026 as the time frame for the launch of the iPhone Fold. Now Korean news website Alpha Business quotes an insider who claims the launch has been pushed back to early 2027. Apple wants to be able to “thorough preparations on all matters, including the supply and demand of the foldable display.”

However, the time frame for examining and selecting suppliers remains unchanged. Apple has reportedly hired both Samsung Display and LG Display to develop prototype displays. Neither company has yet built such a display, while Apple holds a patent to reduce the crease in the display. To do this, a groove is etched into the ultra thin glass and covered with flexible polymers. This makes the display easier to bend and creates a less visible crease.

In any case, it sounds like Apple planned to release the iPhone Fold alongside the iPhone 18 generation. Due to the delay, it could now have its own launch or come onto the market together with the foldable iPad. Unless the latter will also be delayed.


Toni Hobrecht
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