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Apple iPhone Fold could hit the market by 2027

Apple has strict requirements for components, performance and reliability - so the Apple iPhone Fold could take until 2027.
Apple iPhone Fold

The foldable smartphone market continues to grow much faster than the smartphone market as a whole, so Apple can’t stay away from this lucrative market forever. And in fact, we’ve already heard countless rumors that an Apple iPhone Fold will be released in the next few years. Today, a new report from TrendForce says that Apple is “unlikely to release a foldable phone before 2027”. The reason is because of the company’s “strict requirements for crease and reliability”.

One could interpret this statement to mean that an Apple iPhone Fold, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, should not have any folds when unfolded. “Reliability,” on the other hand, could mean anything. However, based on Apple’s previous requirements for its own products, it’s safe to assume that Apple wants the folding mechanism to work for many, many years.

TrendForce analysts say that Apple is still “evaluating component specifications and performance” for the first iPhone Fold. And of course, given the completely new product category, that could take a while. If it’s not due to launch until 2027, as we’ve heard, actual development will likely start next year at the earliest. That would give Apple’s suppliers plenty of time to meet all the demanding specifications.

In the meantime, Huawei took over Samsung’s crown as the world’s best-selling foldable brand in the first quarter of 2024. Of course, the Korean company could reclaim the throne after launching its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 next month. However, Huawei will apparently launch the world’s first triple-folding smartphone in the third quarter, between July and September. And that will throw a wrench into Samsung’s plans.


Toni Hobrecht
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