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Apple iPhone 17 with scratch-resistant, anti-reflective glass like Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Apple iPhone 17 is said to be equipped with Gorilla Glass Armor and an anti-reflective layer, just like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Display

While Apple likes to boast about its own innovative strength, the company from Cupertino, California also likes to go the other way and copy Android manufacturers like Samsung. Exactly such a rumor appeared on the Internet today. It seems like Apple took inspiration from Samsung’s Gorilla Glass Armor for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. A corresponding panel should be ready in time for the Apple iPhone 17 series in 2025.

In addition, the new Apple iPhone 17 display is said to be even more scratch-resistant than the current Ceramic Shield. The same glass will also have an anti-reflective layer, just like glasses or mechanical watches. Unfortunately, the coating didn’t make it into production in time to be used in the iPhone 16 series. That’s why we’ll have to wait until next year to see Apple copy a technology from Samsung.

The whole thing sounds like the same product Samsung uses – Gorilla Glass Armor. Manufacturer Corning claims that it reduces reflections by 75% and is more than four times as scratch-resistant as competing solutions. When it comes to Apple iPhone 17 branding, we can still expect something like Ceramic Shield Ultimate or something similar. The impression desired is that Apple has invented something incredibly unique. By the way, just like the original Ceramic Shield, which was developed by Corning “in collaboration with Apple”, whatever that means.

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