Apple iPhone 17 Pro will be the first phone with a 2nm chipset

The iPhone 16 Pro, coming later this year, will miss it. The Apple iPhone 17 Pro, on the other hand, will be the first 2nm smartphone.
Apple iPhone 16 Pro / Pro Max

According to a new report, next year’s Apple iPhone 17 Pro will be the first smartphone ever to feature a chipset based on TSMC’s 2nm process. TSMC announced years ago that it would begin work on a 2nm process in 2022.

Even then, there were rumors that the Apple iPhone 17 Pro and Pro Max would be the first devices based on a chipset with this process. Now this is confirmed – as far as a rumor can confirm things. TSMC is expected to produce the first smaller 2nm batches this year. Mass production will begin in 2025, in time for the release of the iPhone 17 Pro next fall.

Earlier this year, rumor had it that Apple had secured all production capacity for TSMC’s 2nm process. Aside from the Apple iPhone 17 Pro, 2nm chips will apparently also end up in future Apple Macs and MacBooks. The next step after 2nm will be an improved version of the 2nm process. This should happen towards the end of 2026, followed by the jump to 1.4nm – if this report is correct.

The Apple iPhone 16 series and iOS 18 are both expected to launch later this year with a strong focus on AI. However, it looks as if these AI functions will have to make do without 2nm processors for the time being. At least the part that iPhones calculate directly on the device.


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