Apple iPhone 17 Plus with a smaller display?

The Apple iPhone 17 Plus is said to be between the base model and the iPhone 17 Pro Max. In fact, that could leave it at 6.7 inches.
Apple iPhone 16

The Apple iPhone 15 Plus has a display size of 6.7 inches, just like the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The previous rumors about the upcoming iPhone 16 Plus also assume a 6.7 inch screen. However, things are set to change next year – according to a new rumor, the Apple iPhone 17 Plus will have a smaller display than the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 16 Plus. The tip comes from Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants.

Young does not mention a specific size. However, he assumes that the panel of the Apple iPhone 17 Plus will be somewhere between the standard iPhone 17 and the iPhone 17 Pro Max. However, if the iPhone 16 Pro Max grows to 6.9 inches, the same should apply to the iPhone 16 Plus.

It’s still far too early in the development cycle of the Apple iPhone 17 series for this news to amount to anything more than rumors. Especially since the tip does not contain any specific size information. However, Ross Young generally has a very good track record when it comes to Apple rumors and especially display topics. Apple could also use different display sizes to better differentiate its smartphones from one another.


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