Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max: Larger display and bigger battery

The Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max looks significantly larger than its predecessor, which is confirmed by renders from May last year.
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max iPhone 16 Pro Max

We recently saw some comparison images between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the upcoming Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max. The size differences can be clearly seen, see below. Now well-known analyst and Apple tipster Ming-Chi Kuo reports on the battery of the next generation Pro Max. According to Kuo, this should have a higher energy density.

According to Kuo, the Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max’s higher density battery will provide longer battery life in the same form factor compared to the 15 Pro Max. The higher density battery gives off more heat, which is why Apple is rumored to be using a stainless steel case that encases the battery to dissipate heat efficiently. Back in November last year, an alleged iPhone 16 Pro prototype battery appeared online, housed in a similar-sounding holder.

Kuo also points out that the stainless steel casing will make battery replacement easier. This could help Apple meet European Union requirements for removable batteries in smartphones. Kuo claims that Sunway will be the main supplier of the stainless steel battery cases for the new iPhone 16 Pro Max. If the first production runs end successfully, Apple could install the new cases across its entire iPhone 17 series.

The new Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max dummies also confirm the rumored action button on the side. The photos show that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will be larger than Apple’s current top model. If you believe the CAD renderings from May 2023, the 16 Pro Max will be 5 mm higher and 0.5 mm wider. And from the looks of it, the aspect ratio will probably be the same. The slightly larger width could therefore be due to narrower edges.

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