Apple iPhone 16 Pro case shows alleged capture button

A new leak for the Apple iPhone 16 Pro shows a case with a cutout for the new capture button.
Apple iPhone 16 Pro case

The Apple iPhone 16 Pro could actually have a brand new capture button. Admittedly, a leaked case, and clearly not an official Apple accessory, isn’t the best evidence. But the source, Sonny Dickson, has a respectable track record when it comes to Apple leaks.

The Apple iPhone 16 Pro case shows a clear cutout on the right side, directly below the power button. Interestingly, the power button has a rubber cover, while the expected capture button has a cutout. This could be due to the case design, or it could be related to the button itself.

There have been rumors about a capture button for months. Apparently the Apple iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will get the new feature. The capture button complements the action button on the left as a new control for the iPhone and is a very atypical move from Apple. It is expected to mimic the smooth shutter release of a typical camera. A half press activates focus, while a full press takes an image (or a series of them). Sony cell phones had this type of shutter button many years ago.


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