Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max shines in benchmark test

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max already showed what it can do in a Geekbench test. Now there is also the first AnTuTu benchmark.
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Apple’s new A17 Pro chipset was able to show what it can do in a Geekbench test a few days ago. Now there is also the first AnTuTu benchmark, in which the processor in an Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max performed similarly well. With a total score of 1,641,883 points, the smartphone was one of the fastest smartphones tested on AnTuTu to date.

There are still 6 CPU cores divided into 2 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores. But the microarchitecture has also been improved. The GPU part represents the biggest change. Not only is the number of cores increased from 5 to 6, but a new architectural design is also introduced. The peak performance of the Apple phone increases by 20% compared to the A16 Bionic, also thanks to mesh shading and real-time ray tracing at the hardware level.

Overall, the A17 Pro chip in the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max achieved a CPU score of 392,643 points. The GPU scored 597,734 points. That’s an increase of almost 27% compared to the GPU of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The A17 Pro is also ahead in the memory test with a score of 306,164, while the UX score reached a value of 345,342 points.

For comparison: Last year’s A16 Bionic chip managed a result of 1,474,011 points in the test. The Apple M1 chip, which powers Apple notebooks and iPads, can just about maintain the top position with 1,754,456 points. The iPhone 15 Pro Max also outperforms the current Android leader nubia Red Magic 8 Pro+. The Red Magic 8 Pro+ “only” managed 1,632,859 points.


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