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Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max: material cost at $502

The 3nm chipset, 5x periscope telephoto and titanium body are the main reasons for the increase in the cost of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Teardown

Counterpoint Research has released its Bill of Materials (BoM) for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max. In the USA, the premium smartphone has an RRP of $1,199 (1,121 euros). According to the report, the components for the basic model of the Pro Max with 256 GB of storage cost a total of 502 US dollars (470 euros). Both the new A17 processor and the new telephoto camera account für the price increase compared to its predecessor.

According to Counterpoint Research, BoM costs are $37.7 higher than last year’s 256GB iPhone 14 Pro Max. This is despite the fact that the 14 Pro Max also came onto the market at a price of $1,199. The A17 Pro chipset alone accounts for $30 of the additional costs. In contrast to its predecessor A16 Bionic, the new processor is manufactured using the latest 3 Nm process technology.

The periscope telephoto camera is also a first for Apple iPhones. Lante Optics is the supplier of the prism, while Cirrus Logic and LG Innotek produce the 3D sensor shift stabilization mechanism. The total increase is $25.1 (34%). However, Counterpoint included all cameras, including Face ID and ToF sensors, in the calculations. Another slight price increase comes with the titanium alloy case, which costs $7 more than last year’s stainless steel frame.

Apple has also increased the RAM in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The size is now 8 GB compared to 6 GB in the predecessor. However, due to falling prices on the memory market for months, the price has actually decreased by $16.8. The display of the new iPhone has not changed. And since the display price is also in a downward trend, Apple paid $4 less to Samsung Display and LG Display.

The components make up for 42% of the final price, but there are also manufacturing, shipping and marketing costs to consider. Not to mention the significant research and development costs. Click here to compare the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.


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