Apple iPhone 15 Pro: haptic engine, cameras and colors

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro gets a significantly bigger update than its predecessor with an all-new titanium frame, USB-C and camera upgrades.
Apple iPhone 15 Pro

In February, the first CAD images already showed the design of the upcoming Apple iPhone 15 Pro, including thinner bezels and the new USB-C port. Last month, new renders revealed the Pro models with titanium frames. Now the latest pictures have appeared on the Internet to graphically document the current status of development. All the information has been confirmed by multiple sources, so it’s safe to assume that the new renders give the best look of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro yet.

Titanium frame

It is now almost certain that the Apple iPhone 15 Pro will have a completely new titanium housing with a rounder design. The reports would also fit the theory that the Pro gets a major upgrade this time after rather small changes from the iPhone 14 Pro. It also fits Apple’s product cycle, which, like Samsung, introduces major changes every two years. Although the new design doesn’t catch the eye, the rounded edges should feel better in the hand. Many users had complained about the sharp edges of the current iPhones.

iPhone 15 Pro cameras

In addition to the new titanium frame, Apple has once again increased the size of the cameras on the iPhone 15 Pro. The camera module is thicker, but the more noticeable change comes with the protruding lenses. Today’s CAD renderings show that the new cameras stick out more than twice as much compared to the iPhone 14 Pro.

However, the Pro Max has a lower camera housing than the Pro in the pictures. That could be down to the new periscope camera that’s rumored to be exclusive to the larger Pro Max model this year. That would mean that, purely visually, the iPhone 15 Pro will have a larger camera module than the iPhone 15 Pro Max. On the other hand, both models should benefit from a completely new sensor technology that will “capture more light and reduce overexposure or underexposure in certain settings.”

Apple iPhone 15 series with USB-C

A new USB-C port for all iPhone 15 models is also lingering in the rumor mill. Based on leaked images of a prototype, the USB-C port has a unique metal border with a ribbed texture. In typical Apple fashion, the fastest charging speeds are only achieved with Apple-certified USB-C cables.

Keys with haptic feedback

You can say goodbye to normal buttons and the mute switch on the old Pro models up to the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. The new Pros will feature solid-state keys based on two new haptic engines. These only care about one task – simulating a real keystroke.

This also includes the mute switch, which also works as a push button. It remains to be seen how Apple will handle this new input in iOS.

iPhone 15 Pro in red

As usual, there will also be a new color with the new generation. In the case of the iPhone 15 Pro, it’s an all-new deep red hue with the exact hex color code 410D0D. This version is set to launch alongside Apple’s usual white, space black and gold, replacing last year’s Deep Purple.


The bezels around the display will also change somewhat this year. Apple should only use 1.55 mm wide bezels on the next Pro. In addition, both the front and rear glass are subtly curved and blend seamlessly into the titanium frame. Due to the smaller frames with the same display size, the new Pro is slightly smaller than the iPhone 14 Pro. The iPhone 15 Pro measures 70.46 x 146.47mm with a thickness of 8.24mm. The iPhone 14 Pro is slightly larger at 71.45 x 147.46mm and a thickness of 7.84mm.


The Apple iPhone 15 Pro gets a significantly bigger update than its predecessor with an all-new titanium frame, USB-C and camera upgrades. So far it is primarily about leaks and rumors. Nevertheless, an overall picture is slowly coming together as to what we can expect from Apple in September.


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