Apple iPhone 15 Pro: First picture of the red version

For devices that won't be on the market until September, pretty much everything still appears as a leak. Like a red Apple iPhone 15 Pro.
Apple iPhone 15 Pro

With devices that are only due to be released in September in six months, pretty much everything still appears as a leak. Like today’s CAD rendering of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro in red. Similar images surfaced earlier this week, but not in red. It is a very dark red with hex color code #410D0D. The point behind the image is mainly to show the exact hue that Apple will use for its iPhone Pro and Pro Max models this year.

Previously, the exclusive color of the Pro series was Pacific Blue for the iPhone 12 generation and Sierra Blue for the iPhone 13 generation. There were also special variants of Space Black and Deep Purple for the current iPhone 14 series. Later this year, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will launch in this exclusive dark red version. It will be interesting to see what unusual name Apple’s marketing department will come up with for the shade of red.

Of course, for the regular Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, Apple will offer pink (hex code #CE3B6C) and light blue (#0DB1E2) options, among others. The usual note applies here: this is just an unconfirmed rumor so far. And even if Apple is currently testing different colors, this does not mean that they will actually end up in the production of the next generation iPhones. And if an iPhone 15 Ultra actually turns up, the color palette will be remixed anyway.

Something similar happened back then with the golden Apple iPhone X. The Apple smartphone even made it into the FCC certification process, but was never released in the end.


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