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Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max: Small numbers at the start

According to a new report, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro, and particularly the iPhone 15 Pro Max, will face limited availability when they are unveiled in September. The cause is said to lie with the supplier LG Display. Apparently, the Koreans have problems manufacturing the panels for the new Apple iPhones.

The problems stem from the fact that Apple is using a new manufacturing process to shrink the bezel size. LG-made displays for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro, and specifically the 15 Pro Max, reportedly fail a specific reliability test. In detail, it is a process in which the display is fused with the metal shell. Apple is currently optimizing the design of displays manufactured by LG to pass the above tests.

But at the same time there are displays already made by Samsung that can be used for assembly. Therefore, panels are available for production. However, the problems will supposedly mean that the availability will be significantly below the planned quantities right at the start. The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the hardest to get, followed by the Pro.

In a separate report today, another source also claims that Apple will delay the launch by a few weeks. The new source mentioned above contradicts this thesis and instead assumes a start with limited quantities. Manufacturing issues aside, all Apple iPhone 15 models are said to have larger batteries. There will also be a new UWB chip that handles the connection with the Apple Vision Pro headset.


Toni Hobrecht
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