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Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max: Glass repair a lot cheaper

Repairing the back glass of an iPhone 14 Pro Max costs $550. The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is significantly cheaper.
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Lineup Colors

Apple recently made a step back and began supporting consumer right-to-repair laws. The company has also done a lot to make repairs to its iPhones easier. Last year, the iPhone 14 received a repairability rating of 7/10. This is mainly due to the new design, which makes replacing the rear glass easier. This design has now been adapted to the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

This has very concrete advantages for consumers: Replacing a cracked rear glass went from being incredibly expensive to being normal expensive. That’s less funny than it sounds – this repair costs a whopping $550 for an iPhone 14 Pro Max. For an iPhone 15 Pro Max it’s a much cheaper $200. Here’s a more detailed breakdown.

iPhone 15 Pro Back Glass Replacement Cost:

Please note that the prices only apply to consumers without an AppleCare+ plan. With AppleCare+ you only pay $29 on top of the subscription price. The price for replacing the battery on the iPhone 15 series remains the same as before – $99. The same applies to the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 – also $99.

Further information about the repair costs of Apple components can be found on the support pages linked below.

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