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Apple iPhone 15 could come with titanium body

According to a new tip from an insider specializing in Apple leaks, the Californians are planning a major redesign for the iPhone 15 series. According to reports, the new case will be made of titanium, while the glass back will have rounded edges.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro sketch

However, the front will likely remain flat and resemble the good old iPhone 5C. Therefore, a smoother transition between the side frame of the Apple phone and the back glass is expected. A more comfortable grip is probably the goal, and the titanium construction will likely reduce weight.

According to the tipster, it is still too early to confirm final design decisions. There may currently be an internal debate on the subject at Apple, but the outcome of this might still be open. On the other hand, this prediction isn’t too far-fetched since Apple’s MacBook and Mac mini share a similar look, so a similar design may come to the iPhones as well.


Toni Hobrecht
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