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Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus survive bending test

When it doesn't overheat, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max performs pretty well in camera tests, but it doesn't pass the bending tests.
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When it doesn’t overheat, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max performs pretty well in camera tests, but it doesn’t pass the bending tests. That’s exactly what happened last week in YouTuber Zack’s infamous durability test from the channel JerryRigEverything. It’s an impressive sight how the glass on the back shatters when bent. Especially considering this is the first iPhone to fail such a test.

Today it’s time to see whether or not the regular Apple iPhone 15, which still has an aluminum frame unlike the Pro Max’s fancy titanium, will share the same fate. Spoiler alert: things are going much better for the smallest Apple cell phone. Here is the full durability test:

As usual, it all starts with a scratch test of the iPhone 15’s display and frame. Apple’s Ceramic Shield is slightly more scratch-resistant than the Gorilla Glass that most Android phones use. Nevertheless, Ceramic Shield glass also scratches from level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale and has deeper grooves from level 7 onwards. The scratches are just not as pronounced as on other smartphones with Gorilla Glass protection.

In contrast to its significantly higher-priced relative, the iPhone 15 survives the bending test with flying colors. The same applies to the iPhone 15 Plus, which is also tested at the end of the video.

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